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what we do

We partner with our clients, the community, and the land to create meaningful designs for people and places.

Blue Print

Master Planned

Our comprehensive approach includes detailed site analysis, opportunity exploration, and an assessment of cultural and historical impacts. Market data and programming set the stage for physical design. Project objectives are continuously weighed to meet lifestyle, image, and identity markers. The culmination of this process is a fully realized masterplan that reaches all the established targets and delivers spaces and places to the users and visitors. The long-term growth and evolution of these masterplans bring a sensibility to the community and offers an understanding of what place-making can become.

Zebra Crossing

urban planning + mixed use

For us, the urban space is a focused designed process that emphasizes live, work, and play in a fast-paced environment of stresses, structures, cars, and pedestrians. Street scenes that provide dimension, direction, and identity, and offer a high visual quality are key. Plaza spaces, roof decks, and urban parks are places for residents and visitors to exhale; we curate these spaces for that experience. Strong forms, spatial sizing, and art are tools to bring the invitation to the user group.

Dedicated to the Pursuit of IDEAS.

Palm Trees

resort + hospitality + recreation

At C2 the guest experience begins at arrival and fulfilling expectation. Entry boulevards can be quiet and secretive or grand and bold. The property amenities, pools, courts, courses, and trails are connections to other places and provide a complete set of choices; choices that can be curated or simply engaged in. These places create meaning and memory.

Let’s get away, let’s fulfill our desires to explore, experience, and engage. The tenet of reviving our bodies and our spirit is how we approach hospitality. Let’s adventure, play and meditate; these experiences factor into our process. 


luxury residential

The personal spaces in our lives are paramount. We view our design role as achieving the lifestyle a family envisions. Motor courts or grand lawns are gateways toward that idea. The sense of openness or secluded garden begins here. Interior courts with indoor/outdoor exchange are key to us. It’s an art to make these spaces a visual and physical expression of living. The pools, terraces, dining areas, and play spaces in luxury homes are the social apex for family and friends; they provide that gathering experience for those intimate family moments. Ultimately, these spaces are respites from the rest of the world.

Dedicated to the Pursuit of IDEAS.

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