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Our goal for the design of this project was to erase the boundary between the interior and exterior spaces.  Large floor to ceiling stacking doors help simplify this idea.  As you step through the front entry into the great room, you are greeted with a stunning view through the home onto the pool and to distant mountains.  Outside the great room the patio becomes an extension of the living space.  At the kitchen zone, we took full advantage of the lack of walls.  Creating a seamless transition to the outside where there is a built-in fireplace, barbecue and bar. 


A benefit of this home site is the spacious rear yard.  However, the unique shape at the rear property line did present challenges.  Due to this, the pool was located within close proximity to the building allowing a sense of the water element from all of the unique spaces.  Aiding in that feeling is the soothing sound of falling water from the fountain. The mid-century modern architecture and planting design complement each other perfectly.  With a nod to the ‘Palm Springs Style’, the design incorporates succulents and a touch of tropical.  The ample lawn is perfect for family fun or larger functions.

Parde Homes San Diego

Pacific Highlands Ranch, CA

Vista Santa Fe

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