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The Brand

Onni Group
Glendale, Ca

The Project occupies a true Gateway Site at the intersection of Brand Boulevard and Sanchez Drive
immediately above the Ventura Freeway; this high visibility calls for special attention to how the Project
addresses the public realm and completes the local urban context.
The 858 rental apartments are proposed in 380' high twin towers over a generous amenity deck, with all
tenant parking below grade. The primary organizer of the Project's architecture is the adjacent Freeway
and the arrangement of both Public and Private high-quality open space on the long but very narrow
In order to create tenant amenity spaces of workable depth, the towers are pushed to the northern
boundary of the Site, holding the streetwall and maximizing daylight into the narrow area remaining. A
new Public Plaza is proposed holding the corner itself and acts as a landmark upon entering into the City
Center and acts as an intimate anchor for public gatherings: an urban 'Living Room.' These two spaces are
then visually connected by a terraced landscape, the balconies of the Eastern tower positioned just
above, creating a lively, medium-scaled space activated in all three dimensions.
A Retail program reaches out towards - but not quite on - the actual corner of Brand and Sanchez and
serves as the crucial fourth side to both contains and create the new urban Plaza. The Retail and tenant
amenities program together form a sheltering arm against the noise of the Freeway and allow the towers
to remain very simple and understated above interesting but quiet northern facades face the freeway
and form a hard edge, while the southern expression is defined by the soft and graceful curves of the
balconies facing the occupied open spaces below and act as a substantial mitigator to excess solar gain
into the units themselves.

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