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The Dunes

Shea Homes
Marina, CA

The Dunes on Monterey Bay, a master-planned community with an incredible coastal location, is a terrific retail/residential component located in the historic Fort Ord, Marina, California. The Dunes Promenade is located on a 20-foot wide pedestrian link with a 365,000-square-foot shopping center, neighborhood restaurants, beer garden, movie theater, and 3-story residential units. A village green will be the focal point of this element of the plan and for the future development. The green will serve as both a neighborhood and community hub. Great emphasis has been placed on this site plan to enhance the experience of the Promenade through landscaping and streetscape elements. Beyond the Village Square, there are many interesting pockets and gathering places throughout the commercial and residential areas. These “social seating” areas will include shade structures, seating, accent paving, garden paseos, art, accent walls, and other treatments. The colors and materials are meant to capture the vision of a coastal or ocean based village, while still commemorating the history of Fort Ord, and bringing a unique treatment to the center of the Dunes project that distinguishes it from the existing architecture.

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