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Tesoro Viejo

Tesoro Viejo Development

Madera, CA

1,600 Acres

5,190 Homes

200 Acres of Preserved Natural Open Spaces

200 Acres of Neighborhood Parks

14 Miles of Community Trails

Designed to lie lightly on the land, an innovative master-planned community located in Madera County, CA, brings to life a 1600-acre site of rolling hills and vistas that captures the scenic surroundings and natural beauty of the land. The community incorporates natural landscape and maximizes opportunities for residents and visitors to interact with nature’s splendor.
Approved for up to 5,190 homes, the community offers a variety of lifestyle and living choices in nine residential villages – each with its own unique natural characteristics. The community is approved for up to three million square feet of non-residential space for commercial, retail, professional office, and light industrial opportunities. Approximately 400 acres – a quarter of the plan – is open space. The community includes nearly 200 acres of permanently preserved natural open spaces plus an additional 200 acres of neighborhood parks, recreational areas and 14 miles of trails that connect beyond to the San Joaquin River.
Recognized for its innovative design and sustainable living, the community emphasizes the principles of conservation and walkability. Designed to be a vibrant hub for southeastern Madera County, this master plan brings together housing and business opportunities, a walkable Town Center, green living, thriving
industry and neighborhood parks and schools where residents can live, work and play
The community features these built amenities and services:

  •  On-site Hillside TK-8 Elementary School

  •  Ranch House Clubhouse/Recreation Center

  •  Town Center with Coffee Bar & Eatery

  •  Madera County Fire Station No. 7 & Sheriff Substation

  •  Neighborhood Parks

  •  14 miles of community trails

  •  On-site Water and Waste-water Treatment Facility

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