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Rose Art Center 1
Rose Art Center 2
Rose Art Center 3
Rose Art Center 4
Rose Art Center 5
Rose Art Center 6
Rose Art Center 7
Rose Art Center 8

Rose Art Center

Chengdu Tongji LTD

Chengdu, China

The Lu-Dao Art Center is a modern expression of contemporary Chengdu culture.  We envisioned a “Pure and Simple” design for this new community. 
There is a subtle yet powerful impact of modernism on a person’s mentality.  The use of simple and bold shapes and details, understated decoration, limited space arrangement offers opportunities for imagination and a gap in the incessant noise in our minds.  A Modernist garden is the possibility to get rid of the mental noise and focus on the essence of our lives.  Residents of this new community will experience spaces free from the typical mental noise one is subjected to in busy urban environments.  This unique series of garden spaces and amenities will also make the Lu-Dao Art Center a cultural center piece in Chengdu. 

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