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About the

Paul Haden

As the founder and Chief Creative Officer of C2 Collaborative, Mr. Haden directs the office's design, development, and planning functions. A Landscape Architect since 1972, Mr. Haden has orchestrated an array of diverse projects across both the public and private sectors. His extensive journey has seen him at the forefront of envisioning and actualizing numerous institutional, residential, and commercial endeavors not only within California but also spanning the nation and international boundaries. His portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of endeavors, including the crafting of urban spaces, community master plans, park and trail layouts, and a multitude of density and residential projects.

Mr. Haden's visionary leadership extends to his role as the Chief Creative Officer and founder of The Collaborative West, Inc., which underwent a rebranding to become C2 Collaborative in 2013. Within this role, he takes the helm in overseeing the creative evolution of projects through their schematic, preliminary, and final design phases. C2 Collaborative stands apart by embracing a collaborative and service-centric approach to project design and management, a principle that Mr. Haden passionately champions. His substantial background in construction practices further enhances his ability to guide projects seamlessly from concept to realization. Beyond his professional endeavors, Mr. Haden is the proud father of two sons and two grandsons.

Expertise / Skills

•    Landscape Architecture

•    Urban Design

•    Master Planning

•    Design Guidelines

•    Site Planning

•    Streetscape Planning & Design

•    Park Planning & Design

•    Master Landscape Planning

•    Construction Supervision


American Society of Landscape Architects

Urban Land Institute

Building Industry Association

American Institute of Architects

Society for Ecological Restoration

Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture,

California State Polytechnic University

Licensed Landscape Architect

California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Montana

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