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Freehold Communities

Palm Springs, CA

350 Acres Partially-Built Community

53 Acres of Olive Orchards

7 Acres Community Center

This fully approved project started more than a decade ago as a golf course community that failed to open due to the economic downturn of 2008. Before shutting down, the site’s former developer graded the property and installed most of the infrastructure including an 18-hole golf course, streets, and utilities to serve the project’s first phase of lots.
Transformed by the new vision team, this community has been reinvigorated as an amenity-rich neighborhood. The landscape architects convinced the developer to convert the shuttered course into 53 acres of olive trees, that once mature, will be processed into branded olive oil, bottled for residents, and sold at local farmer’s markets. An extensive trail network connects 97 acres of desert open space, rolling hills of olive groves, community gardens, dog parks, and oasis-like social spaces with lake and mountain views.
The 7-Acre center will feature a glass-walled fitness center, two resort-style pools, community gardens, bocce ball courts, event areas, and a dog agility park. The contemporary architecture is artfully framed with geometries of succulents and date palms underplanted in vibrant bands of bougainvillea. The oasis setting falls away into olive groves and panoramic views to the mountains beyond.

   • 350-acre partially-built community
   • Converting an 18-hole golf course into 53 acres of olive trees
   • Branded olive oil for residents; sold at local farmer’s markets
   • Extensive trail network builds upon existing golf cart path
   • 7-Acre center with glass-walled fitness center, two resort-style pools, community gardens, bocce        ball courts and event areas

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