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Douglas Park

Boeing Realty Corporation

Long Beach, CA

Douglas Park is transforming 260 acres of surplus commercial airplane facilities located at The Boeing Company’s Long Beach plant into a dynamic mixed-use community of offices, commercial development, neighborhood retail, one or two hotels, and residential neighborhoods. Douglas Park includes 13.5 acres of public park and recreational open space including bike paths and pedestrian trails. Everyone living or working in the project will be within a three-minute walk of a park. These trails will open up new vistas and provide important people-friendly connections to businesses and homes in the neighborhood. Douglas Park builds upon the bold past of the Boeing Long Beach facility to create a brilliant future for the entire region. The Plan is designed to create a distinct “feeling of community” that will differentiate it from a common business park by its creation of public art that connects a legendary past to an aspiring future. It is destined to create a new work/live district for Southern California.

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