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City Ventures
Cotati, CA

The proposed project includes 170 solar all-electric, three-story townhome-style condominiums, and ground-floor shopkeeper commercial spaces fronting Gravenstein Highway.  We are thrilled to bring an inventive and vibrant program to life.  The site is organized around a grand entry concept, designed to create a sense of warmth and homecoming.  The entry is flanked by commercial spaces on both sides.  The buildings are situated to draw pedestrians and commercial patrons into the project, where a well-organized system of paseos connects sidewalks along Hwy 116 through the project site and into the public park area.  The project will preserve the large existing Oak Tree on site as a central connection point.  Additionally, community amenities are designed around the Oak into a large central green.  The public park and central green will connect through a green belt paseo to bolster connectivity through the site.

Site area: ± 10.41 Acres

Total Units: 166 DU

Retail: 5,000 SF

Open Space: ±5,250 SF

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