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Cal Atlantic Homes

San Diego, CA

This neighborhood features one of the largest homes within this master planned community. Each yard was designed to give the home an indoor/outdoor resort quality. The yards feature multiple “outdoor rooms” each showcasing a different activity or gathering space. The challenge was to make these large yards feel cohesive and not overly segmented. Additionally we wanted the indoor and outdoor spaces to flow seamlessly. We used both hardscape and plant materials to achieve this goal. Each California Room blends materials from the indoor to the outdoor spaces to achieve the resort feel that is so much demand in Southern California. Featured within the project are a variety of unique design features. Plan 1 showcases a large raised outdoor kitchen with takes advantage of the grade change to overlook the valley below. The Plan 2 is the true “resort” yard, featuring a large pool, raised cabana area and an outdoor bar and dining spot. Plan 3 includes a spa, fireplace, and shaded outdoor bar area. Overall, we were able to achieve the resort feel we set out to design through careful placement and programming of space with the yard, which made this project successful.

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