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CalAtlantic Homes

San Diego, CA

While these model homes were designed within an age-restricted community, our goal was to arrange the spaces within the yards so that they did not feel as if they were designed with this market segment in mind. They are all designed to accommodate the more social aspects of the active adult community. All of the yards feature multiple large scale spaces showcasing fire pits, fountains, spas, and outdoor entertaining spaces. Each of the plans features one or more of these amenities.  Featured prominently in the photos is the Plan 3 yard, which included a spa, outdoor dining, a fireplace and an outdoor television designed for large group parties and socializing. Additionally, given the climate, shade was a necessity. We designed each yard with a contemporary style shade structure which added a modern feel to the yards. Each was different using varying materials and shade techniques that shaded each yard in a different way creating unique shadow patterns within each space. The landscape was successful in utilizing each space in a different fashion to create a truly livable space for the active adult.

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