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Aloe Greens

Anaheim, CA

Aloe Greens is a 1.2-acre park located in a large-scale, high-density development in the heart of Orange County called the Platinum Triangle (PT). The PT is an area within Anaheim that generally surrounds and includes Angel Stadium, the Honda Center and the Grove of Anaheim. This prime location amidst millions of square feet of new development provided challenges as well as opportunities for the design and construction of this multi-use park.


Alleviating the area’s parkland deficiency was the most compelling need addressed by the project. With .23 parks per 1,000 people, the area’s parks and recreation facilities were far short of national standards, which range from 6.25-10.5 acres per 1,000 people (National Recreation and Parks Association, 2000). An extensive planning history and an overall vision for the PT area both facilitated and challenged the project. Lastly, anticipating the needs of a community that did not yet exist was a design challenge that required extensive research and creativity. 


Aloe Greens has responded to each challenge with grace and purpose. Composed of elements that are functional, yet stunning, the park caters to the needs of modern, high-density living while addressing the multitude of urban planning standards and guidelines. A one-acre amalgamation of artfully designed amenities and picturesque landscaping, the unique character of the park has immediately established and anchored this blossoming neighborhood. A true collaboration of planning and design, Aloe Greens has shown how the City, Landscape Architect and developer can work together to turn a vision into a reality. 

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