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North Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The combination of the Kingdom’s rich heritage, enduring cultural and evolving lifestyle require new communities that offer value, diversity and longevity.  Communities, based on a holistic design approach, a strong sense of place that provide a true live, work and play lifestyle.  ALHAYAT is an integrated, resort style residential community that promotes family values and encourages the living of healthy and prosperous lives.

  • Enhance the value of the land by providing a diverse range of distinct “signature” experiences within the various districts within the development.

  • Create an integrated, livable and vibrant LIVE-WORK-PLAY community.

  • Offer a wide range of residential products, mixed-use, commercial & hospitality offerings, educational facilities and a variety of sports, leisure & entertainment venues.

  • Provide family oriented neighborhoods that contain variety of flexible residential product types will appeal to a diverse range of age groups and lifestyles.

  • A Community that blends the cultural traditions and sensibilities of the region with stewardship of the land.

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